Tuesday Shoesday: The Snakey Snake

I had been obsessing over this J. Crew snakeskin skirt, but realized that I could not justify spending almost $500 + on it. So until I can find a more reasonable version, I’m thinking a pair of  snakeskin shoes might be the next best thing! The Belle Sigerson Morrison Tryla’s are one amazing pair of mullet shoes {business in the front and party in the back} . I normally don’t go for wedges, but these Asos “Prissy” wedges are super cool and the price is ridic!! Under $100? SOLD! Last but not least,  J. Crew once again caught my eye with two amazing snakey snake pairs that I wouldn’t mind adding to my collection. The pretty pink Etta’s {seen above} and the Sasha pumps. Ugh Whyyy do you try to take all my money J. Crew?? Sigh.

xo e


17 thoughts on “Tuesday Shoesday: The Snakey Snake

  1. I mean, go figure J. Crew has something else I’m obsessed with, but I’m totally loving their pumps lately! I can’t afford them, but they’re so pretty to look at that I almost don’t care :)

    The Glossy Life

  2. Umm I am dying over the Belle’s…I would be willing to share custody with you!! The Asos wedges are gorgeous too…Target has a pretty pair for like $30, maybe not quite the same as the Belle’s but they’re pretty!!

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