Tuesday Shoesday

1// Candela Ivy Boot: Piperlime 2// Juicy Couture Morell Boots: Shopbop 3// Loeffler Randall Riley OTK boot

While I have been lusting after these and these high heel over the knee boots,  the chances are I will never own them.. unless someone gives me the money {hint hint..wink wink..jk}. I’ve honestly never spent over $250 on a pair of boots and I’d doubt I’d start now on these. Even if I did splurge on them, they probably wouldn’t be the best investment. I’m not sure if high heel OTK boots are work appropriate {unless you’re a lady of the night or Rachel Zoe} and you’d probably only get to wear them a few times per season right?  So, I took my love of over the knee boots and  found a few pairs of flat ones that would be a good investment!

16 thoughts on “Tuesday Shoesday

  1. I need new boots like…so bad but I can’t decide what I want. #whitegirlproblems. Also, the only reason I did the animal thing is because my last name is Schindewolf and people call me Wolfie. Otherwise, I think I would have SURELY decided not to. I was terrified that people would hate it!

  2. The LR’s are my favorite…I have a Steven by Steve Madden knock off that look pretty similar but not the over the knee version. Now it just needs to get a little cooler here in LA!!


  3. Love those LRs! Insanity! I had a pair of OTK last season and I wore them to death (they were obvs flat). I need to bring them out. Especially considering it’s supposed to snow in DC this week whaaaa!

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