Sculptural Chandeliers

Jenna Lyons’ Serge Mouille fixture

A DIY by Brick House

OBSESSED with this Pick Up fixture by Billy Cotton

images via Domino, Brick House, Grant K Gibson and Lonny

When I first laid eyes on these stick/branch like, semi industrial, sculptural light fixtures, I really disliked them, but now, I am insanely obsessed. Isn’t it so funny how your taste changes? And I think blogging really enhances my design mood swings. Ugh. Anyway I just adore the the Serge Mouille and Billy Cotton lights but I would have to sell my organs to pay for one. I did find a really cool designer, Rayond Barberousse ,on Etsy who makes brass styles for a much more budget friendly price. I am really considering getting one. So…what do you think? Are you a fan? Has your style changed like mine??

xo e

18 thoughts on “Sculptural Chandeliers

  1. I JUST watched an episode of the High/Low project on HGTV where they made one of these for $50. Perhaps you could whip one up tonight? xoxo A

  2. Do one legged ducks swim in a circle? Duhh….I have been obsessed with all of those lights since I first saw them awhile back! I am in love with sculptural lights!! Loving all your pics and inspiration!

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