Happy New Year to you all!! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!! I can’t believe it’s 2013 already! As sad as it is that the holiday fun is over, it’s always exciting to have a fresh start to a new year! And of course with a new year comes the resolutions so let’s begin.

1. To be honest, I stopped making New Year’s resolutions because I never kept them which probably has something to do with my procrastination problem. I am a HUGE procrastinator and am the queen of excuses, but this must end in 2013 people. So to test myself, I’m going to finish two projects. We have lived in our house for FOUR years and only ONE room is completely the way I want it. By 2014, I want my entire house to be finished. You are all my witnesses. The other project is a little easier. I am going to start my new guest post series and continue my outift posts. I will not put these off ANYMORE!!

2. In my twenties, I was completely confident with the way I dressed and had no problem trying crazy fashion trends.  I had so much fun expressing myself with the way I dressed, but since hitting thirty, I have been in a fashion rut. I need to get it together and try some bold looks like I used to. I have become obsessed with statement accessories and want to try a red or hot pink lip so I think I’ll start there…

3. While I love doing Insanity, I feel like I want to mix up my workouts a little more. I’m thinking Yoga or Pilates. you have any NY resolutions?? Spill it!


xoxo e

17 thoughts on “Resolutions…

  1. The mixing it up for workouts is a must….I was doing pilates for a year and a half and got so bored!! Now I’m going to try yoga and zumba for a change. Yeay! Can’t wait to see what you do with your home…will you post about it? and love that you will be bolder with your fashion. I was in a rut a few years ago and funny enough you know who got me out of it? my mom of all people….she was dressing edgier than me!! ha! Cheers to acoomplishment!

  2. heyooooo! finally getting back to life and catching up on everything! i need that pillow immediately…. hilarious and completely describes me as well!! secondly, you do insanity?!?!? how do you do it!?! im so impressed!! would I die if I tried it? because kip and i are trying to think of ways we can workout together (he runs, i only run when chased, and he isnt a fan of watching tv while walking on the treadmill or tracy anderson for some reason. shocker). i love pilates, im not calm enough for yoga but pilates is a good balance between working out and being “quiet”. your living room already looks incredible i cant wait to see what else you do with your house! HAPPY 2013 LADY!

    • haha…”I only run when being chased”. I know, I hate running. I’m not going to lie, Insanity is the hardest workout of my life. I scream at least 15 times per workout. When I’m consistent about it, I see great results.

  3. Happy New Year!! I am just impressed one room is the way you want it– none of my rooms are the way I want them! And I want to try Insanity but I’m scarrrrrred! How is it?? Hope you had fun at the lakehouse! xoxo

  4. I finally came around to trying bold lipsticks and I’ve never had more fun getting ready! I highly recommend pilates and yoga. Ironically, I’m resolving to start Insanity this month. Do you like? Happy new year!

    • I used to do Pilates and yoga everyday and I was in great shape!!! So insanity is really difficult. It took me forever to just get through the warm up’s without taking a break. It’s super tough, but you can do it and its worth it. I know I’m getting a great workout every time and have learned to push myself.

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