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This year’s Christmas is going to be a little different since baby Midgett will arrive very close to or maybe even on the 25th, so I’m having a hard time getting into holiday mode. I think I just need a healthy dose of Christmas movies to help bring out my inner Christmas cheer. I’m sure five minutes into Elf aka the funniest Christmas movie starring the greatest actor  ever will get me into shape! Hopefully this weekend I can stay in my pajamas all day and markf some or maybe all of these off my list. Keep reading to see my favorites.  Continue reading

SURVIVAL GUIDE : The Second Trimester

Survival GuideIf you are in the second trimester, congratulations!!! You survived the first three or so months and now are in the most glorious stage of all. Gosh, how I wish the third was anything like the second. So what can you expect in the upcoming months? Well, for most of you, any sickness you felt in the first few months has subsided, you have more energy and your baby is growing which means you are probably growing…everywhere!

Ready for Baby Bump :: In the first trimester, I just kind of looked like I had eaten a Porterhouse steak and an entire pie for every meal instead of looking like I was a cute pregnant lady. But, by the second or third week of my second trimester, I finally looked pregnant! Not only that, but I could feel the baby kick which might have been the most exciting moment for me so far.

New Underwear :: As my bump grew, it seemed like the rest of my body was doing it’s best to catch up!  I couldn’t button my pants, my shirts got tighter and my underwear was stretched to the limit. Even my biggest grandma underwear became thong-like and for the second time in my life (the first was an unintentional weight spike}, I had to size up in my bras! Anyway, do not be ashamed to go a size up or two in your undergarments! I stocked up on the seamless Victorias Secret underwear and they have been a lifesaver! Oh, a ton of my pregnant girlfriends have lived in sports bras which I refuse to do, so if you don’t go that route, make sure your bras are super supportive!

Maternity Wear  :: Luckily, I have not had to buy a ton of maternity clothes. First off, they are insanely overpriced, cheaply made and for the most part, ugly. So if you have to invest in any pricey pieces, I would go for the staples like jeans, leggings and tees {Sadly, I just discovered Storq or I would have invested in their basics bundle) that you can wear every day. I have had tons of luck with Topshop’s maternity jeans and David Lerner leggings which are the only pants in my rotation at this point. I have always been a high heel fan, but honestly, I’d rather be tortured than put on a pair of heels. At this point, you may want to refrain from wearing heels as much as possible and stick to flats. Make sure to have some cute sneakers on hand!!

Disclosure: I bought a few things from Hatch which I was so excited about, but NONE of the pieces fit right. I bought a drapey maxi dress and looked more like Andre Leon Tally than an expectant mother! Have any of you had luck with that line?

Pillow Talk :: I pride myself on my sloth like ability to sleep through just about anything, but by the time my bump arrived, I had a rough time getting comfortable. Then I realized I just needed a little extra support. I didn’t end up buying a Snoogle {which people rave about} because they are about 20 feet long and we only have a Queen size bed {and also sleep with two dogs} so I  just added another pillow into my mix. I “accidentally” smother my husband from time to time, but hey, I can sleep again!

Baby Moon :: Whether you go to Hawaii, Chicago or Sheboygan, this is THE best time to take a vacation! You’ll have the energy to travel, you won’t be sick so you can eat your way through the trip and will be able to soak up some quiet, alone time with your husband one last time! This is the time to spoil yourself and live it up before the baby arrives and flips your world upside down {or so I’ve been told}!




Holiday Gift Guide For Her
Row One
|| Kate Spade Storage Boxes , J. Crew PJ’s , Mexico Cookbook , Clare V Striped Clutch 

Row Two || Fuji Instax Camera , Pineapple Candle , RMS Beauty Glowing Set , Bauble Bar Ring

Row Three || Jonathan Adler Bel Air Vase Scoop Vase , Dinner Diaries Book

Row Four || Beautified Bag {w Tata Harper, RGB Goodies} , Blanket , Water Bottle, iPhone Cover

Row Five || Stella McCartney x Adidas Leggings , Foreo Facial Brush , Eberjey Romper, Agenda 

Happy Shopping!

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