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I was looking at art for baby Midgett’s nursery the other day and stumbled upon these incredible bespoke sticker art works and wallpapers by Payton Cosell Turner. From a distance, the paper seems to look like modern, cheerful damask/rorschach prints, but at a closer range, you can see the designs are actually made with thousands of bear, toucan, banana split, daisy, corny dog and other quirky stickers. Stickers! I mean, she sits there and puts each one on by hand! I would die to cover the nursery in her wallpaper, but at $1500 per roll, I’d have to sell the baby to pay for it. I could maybe…maybe afford one of her framed pieces, but I am really wanting to try a DIY version. I guess I should really get on that as I feel my time our about to be sucked away for 18+ years! God help us.

xo E

images via Elle Decor, Transito Inicial, Paddle 8

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE || Stocking Stuffers

The Now Stylebook Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Row One || Sugar Paper Coasters , Stella McCartney Key Ring , Matches , Izola Soap

Row Two || Kate Spade Mug , Happy Socks , Salt Water Taffy , Beauty Blender

Row Three || August Morgan Cocktail Napkins , Izola Flask

Row Four || Pens ,  Cookie Stamps , Macaron Ornament{set of 3} , Coal Gum

Row Five || Sugar Paper Stationery , iPhone Charger , Laura Mercier Lip Gloss Set , Wax Seal Set 

Holy Smokes!! There are only 21 days until Christmas?!?! Where have I been!!? I am going to try and get a couple more gift guides out  in the next couple of weeks before I really go into crazy baby mode, but I thought I’d start with stocking stuffers to ease in to the gift buying madness. The majority of these gifts {actually all but one} are under $50, but the Stella McCartney Key Ring was so cute, that I had to include it. Happy Shopping!!!

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NOW WEARING || Three Ways to Wear Your Oversize Sweaters

Oversize sweaters are one of my favorite cold weather staples. Nothing is comfier than an oversize cashmere or fisherman sweater to keep warm. But with my limited amount of options as of late, I needed inspiration on what to pair them with other than my sweet maternity jeans. Here are a few super cute, comfortable and on trend ways to wear them.

How to Wear Oversize Sweaters- With SkinniesThe obvious choice and my go to as of late. The safest way to style an oversize top is to pair them with something skinnier on the bottom. These looks may be simple, but still look super chic, timeless and best of all, easy to achieve. I especially love the mix of textures of the wooly coat, chunky knit and leather in the last look. You may be saying to yourself, Elizabeth, what if you want to dress your sweater up a little for gods sakes?? Well don’t fret, I’ve got a few more ideas up my sleeve. Keep Reading for dressed up looks. Continue reading