Weekend Recap

The Now Stylebook Weekend Recap

Vegged Out || My wardrobe pretty much consisted of these new sweatpants {which I want to wear every day for forever} and Matt’s T shirts {bc mine are too tight} and my activities consisted of eating, watching TV and sleeping. WOOOOOO I know.. you are probably saying to yourself, “This girl is crazy fun. I need to hang out with her”!! But honestly, I am told that I will miss having alone time and lazy weekends after I have a baby so I am all for getting them in while I can. Anyway, we watched How to Get Away with Murder and I am obsessed!!! Have you seen it?!? I’m not fully caught up so don’t ruin it for me. Gosh. I’m very passionate about my TV ok?

Fell in Love with a Blog || After falling into an internet black hole via Pinterest on Friday, I found myself stuck on The Grace Tales, a gorgeous Australian based style blog. While on maternity leave, creator, Georgie Abay, had a hard time finding blogs for stylish mothers, so she decided to started her own. The blog is full of  beauty and fashion news, profiles of stylish, inspirational moms and their homes all around the world. Even if you aren’t a mom or mother to be, you could spend hours stalking the featured homes. So reserve some time this week to check the site out!

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NOW SHOPPING || Goyards and Monograms

Goyard Monogram ChoicesHandbag lovers, monogram lovers and everyone in between, I need your help! I’m trying to decide on monogram colors for my new {baby} bag and I’m so bad at color schemes. I had wanted to get a Goyard St. Louis tote for a very long time and I think the reason it took so long to get one is my indecisiveness. There are so many colors and customization options!! Stripes, font sizes, stars, skulls….arghgh! How do people decide? What a problem to have, right?  Normally I would have just chosen the black version and done some metallic or white monogramming, but I have plenty of black bags and I wanted something bold. I finally chose the green and have narrowed down my favorite font color combos above, but what are your favorites? I’m leaning towards one of the hot pinks so either the “N”, “Q” or “Y”. What say you!!?

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image via They All Hate Us


NOW WANTING ||Glossier

Glossier 1After four years of recommending thousands of  beauty products on her blog, Into The Gloss founder, Emily Weiss, has started her own line, Glossier. Like most consumers, Emily has been on a quest for the perfect products so she teamed up with former product developer for MAC, Alexis Page, to create four essential beauty staples known as Phase One.  Continue reading