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Goyard Monogram ChoicesHandbag lovers, monogram lovers and everyone in between, I need your help! I’m trying to decide on monogram colors for my new {baby} bag and I’m so bad at color schemes. I had wanted to get a Goyard St. Louis tote for a very long time and I think the reason it took so long to get one is my indecisiveness. There are so many colors and customization options!! Stripes, font sizes, stars, skulls….arghgh! How do people decide? What a problem to have, right?  Normally I would have just chosen the black version and done some metallic or white monogramming, but I have plenty of black bags and I wanted something bold. I finally chose the green and have narrowed down my favorite font color combos above, but what are your favorites? I’m leaning towards one of the hot pinks so either the “N”, “Q” or “Y”. What say you!!?

xo e

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Glossier 1After four years of recommending thousands of  beauty products on her blog, Into The Gloss founder, Emily Weiss, has started her own line, Glossier. Like most consumers, Emily has been on a quest for the perfect products so she teamed up with former product developer for MAC, Alexis Page, to create four essential beauty staples known as Phase One.  Continue reading

Survival Guide To the First Trimester

The Now Stylebook Survival Guide The First Trimester

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Does anyone remember when I said to have a fun, EBOLA FREE weekend???? Well, there is another person who has Ebola now and she lives about 5 minutes from me. AND she is at the hospital where I go just about every 2-3 weeks! I’m not normally one to freak out over these kinds of things {bc deadly outbreaks happen all the time}, but I’m a little concerned. Hopefully baby Midgett will be Ebola free!

Speaking of Baby Midgett and being sick,  {don’t you love that segue} I had the roughest first trimester so I thought I’d put together a little survival guide to getting through the first 14 weeks.

For Nausea || I was lucky enough to have morning sickness for about 10 weeks of the first trimester and to put it lightly,  I was miserable. I was extremely nauseous from morning to night {what kind of name is “morning sickness”? #falseadvertising}. I literally wished I would have had the ever so pleasant vomiting that can sometimes accompany morning sickness, but unfortunately, since I could keep food down {lame}, I couldn’t be prescribed any medicine for relief. So, I had to turn to natural substances. Now, there really isn’t anything to cure nausea when you’re pregnant, but ginger tea and Preggie Pops were the only things that helped me at all. I happen to hate ginger so I squeezed about half a lemon into each cup of tea to make it somewhat tasty. Also, I can’t thank my friend, Albertina, enough for recommending the Preggie Pops!! You can find them at maternity shops or get them here.

Must Have Apps || As soon I found out I was pregnant, the first thing I did was tell my husband and the next was download pregnancy apps. Why, I have no idea. I just needed information at my fingertips at all times. I initially downloaded “What to Expect” and then my best friend told me I needed “BabyCenter” as well. Both have been really helpful and I still use them to this day. Need more information? Google!!! Google has become my best friend and my worst enemy as any symptom could be normal or completely freak you out depending on what you click.

Stretch Marks || Now, I’ve heard that only genetics can determine if you get stretch marks or not while you are pregnant, but I really think it can’t help to try “preventative measures”. I have used Tata Harper’s Revitalizing Body Oil and Clarins Stretch Mark Minimizer and  have loved both. The only problem with the body oil was since I was so nauseous, I couldn’t tolerate the smell. Don’t get me wrong, it smells heavenly under normal circumstances, but was too overwhelming for my sensitive stomach at the time. The Clarins lotion on the other hand has been my miracle worker. Even though it can’t totally prevent stretch marks, it is one of the best moisturizers I’ve used and I’ve re-stocked several times! Plus, it’s unscented. I don’t want to jinx myself, but  I’m 30 weeks and still haven’t seen a single mark. Oh no…now I am going to wake up tomorrow with them all over!!

Loose Clothes || In the first trimester, my stomach just looked super awkward. I couldn’t wait to finally have a bump so I’d look pregnant instead of just chubby and super bloated. While I still fit in my normal clothes {although I looked just like Little Miss Sunshine  in a swimsuit}, I decided to buy a few flowy dresses from Asos and it was the best wardrobe decision I’ve made thus far in my pregnancy {besides Topshop maternity jeans which we’ll get to in the 2nd trimester}. The swingy silhouette has been perfect for my ever expanding belly, but doesn’t look “maternity” {I’ll also get to my hatred of maternity clothes in another post} and I’ve been able to wear the same ones from the first few weeks up until now! You can shop the dress shown here.

Honest Pregnancy Reads || After filling my head with all sorts of  scary, stressful information from my doctor, medical books, apps and Google , I needed a little comic relief. Some friends recommended The Girlfriends’ Guide to Pregnancy and Pregnancy Sucks and I definitely think they’re must reads for first time moms. After being so miserable throughout my first trimester, it was nice to see that other women had the same feelings that I did.. that pregnancy can suck! **Sidenote** I don’t want to sound ungrateful for being pregnant because it is something my husband and I wanted so badly, but realistically, it’s not all flowers and rainbows.  It’s nice to have girlfriends who are moms and books like these to help you see the humorous side of this crazy transitional time.

Disclosure: Obviously everyone’s body is different so what worked for me may not work for you so I can’t guarantee that these will help, but for me, they were a great relief! Don’t forget to take your vitamins and hang in there! It gets so, so much better!!!

xoxo E