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Leggings || Sparklers || Topshop Headband || L’Occitane Lotion

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. Well, we made it to Aspen for New Years! I brought as many chunky sweaters, leggings/long johns and coats that my suitcase could hold, but I still don’t know how prepared I am for the cold!! Brrrrr! Last night it was 9 degrees, but felt like -3. As a Dallas girl, I’m not used to this kind of cold. Today we are shopping and the first thing I must get is a good pair of snow boots. I brought my Hunter’s, but I’m obsessed with all of the Sorel and Sperry Shearwater boots I’ve been seeing. I’ve also been seeing a ton of beautiful fur..real and faux which is making me crave yet another a fuzzy texture! Tonight we are staying in and having a festive sweater {hence the fair isle} and game night and then we will go out on the town for NYE! Hooray! The perfect holiday with a fun group of friends!!!

xoxo E


8 thoughts on “NOW PACKING || Aspen

  1. have so much fun!! Those leggings…I bet if I had them I would not take them off….the boots- funny I went all through high school without buying a pair when everyone had them….preppy classics just never go out of style. Enjoy, enjoy!! The shops are so good too! and the food!

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