My Day at Anne Fontaine in Highland Park Village

As I talked about yesterday, Highland Park Village asked me to be a part of their Holiday Blogger Event. In order to participate, I would be paired up with one of the stores and have my photos taken in the clothes around HP Village. Ummmm are you kidding? It took me about .05 seconds to say, “yes”. I was paired up with Anne Fontaine and had such a blast playing dress up in their store. Anne {we are on a first name basis..j/k she wasn’t actually there} is known for her white button downs so I went with a look to play off of that.

Anne Fontaine Clementine tunic, belt, Naidy leggings and Stella McCartney shoes

Sheesh modeling and shopping can be uber tiring. But, there was no time for rest… it was time for a wardrobe change and some more photo ops! For the next look, I went for a beautiful lace tunic {which I wore as a dress obvs} to trot around!

Giving my best blue steel in Anne Fontaine Coline Tunic and belt

Anne Fontaine Bettina bag and Manolo Blahnik shoes

¬†And finally, it was time to party like a real model. Champs {my fave..haha } at the delish, Bistro 31. Ahhhh this day was my heaven. Next up is the Holiday Blogger Party tonight and I’m so excited to meet up with some friendly faces and some of my favorite Dallas bloggers. I’ll be posting all about it tomorrow so stay tuned!

**all photos by Haley Schultheis


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26 thoughts on “My Day at Anne Fontaine in Highland Park Village

  1. OMG. OMG. OMG. You look so incredibly gorgeous – and that lace tunic/dress is amazing on you! I cannot wait to hear how tonight goes!!!! xoxo

  2. OMG so fabulous…love love love it all! You look just amazing and love that little lace tunic dress! Have an amazing time tonight!!


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