Lust List: Birthday Edition

1// Jenni Kayne D’Orsay Flats although I do dream about these Chloe’s every night 2// Dannijo Estrella Earrings 3// Jewel Tone Teaspoon Set 4// Any fancy pants from J. Crew 5// A Celine Trapeze, Luggage or Classic bag please…or even a PS 11…I’m not choosy! 6// Kenzo Sweater {so cute on…see here} 7// Bunny iPhone Cover {Obvi I want to be just like Jess}. I’m torn over that guy and these  Anicase ones {introduced to me by my blog friend, Christen}. 8// Vince Leather Sleeve Jacket

My birthday is a little over 2 weeks away!! Yahoo! Please don’t feel obligated to buy any of these things for me. haha jk. It’s mostly for my husband!

xo e

27 thoughts on “Lust List: Birthday Edition

  1. Does that mean you’re a December baby? Mine is at the end of November so if you want to send over those J.Crew green pants, it’s fine by me ;) jk. But for reals though, I’ve been really wanting a pair of green pants… love the idea of mixing it with navy.

  2. Oh yes, sign me up for pretty much anything from that damn J Crew…honestly, they *kill* me with everything!!! And that little bunny tail! Cuteness overload (c;

  3. So I am pretty much in love with everything! I haven’t seen that Celine yet-and it may be one of my new favorites!! I have a gingham set of those teaspoons and use them ALL the time, they are so precious!!! I hope the birthday santa is good to you!!

  4. Ahh such a good birthday list!! That Celine is so gorgeous and so is the Vince jacket…its perfect! And now I want the Anicase, Im a leopard! So cute!!


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