Lust List

1//Gorge JCrew bracelet  2// Two of my faves together: Andy Warhol x NARS  3// Obsessing over the line, Three Floor and this “Bad Girl” dress from Shopbop is so good!! 4// Graphic sweaters are one of my must haves and this Tibi one just got added to my wishlist! This J. Crew one is pretty adorable too and much easier on the wallet! 5// Cutest ear buds ever by DVF from Shopbop  6// This lamp is such a classic and I cannot believe I’ve just now put it on a lust list! This version is from Dwell Studio 7// I died when I saw this Kelly Wearstler print on a blazer and now it’s available on a tray in the most insane color!!

22 thoughts on “Lust List

  1. I love this list! I didn’t even know NARS was having an Andy Warhol collection – that’s so rad.

    Also, you’re graphics always look so awesome – teach me your talented ways!


  2. I can’t believe it’s still two months before Christmas because I’m already getting greedy…I mean I seriously want every piece of jewelry from the new J crew line! GORGE.

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