Julia and Allison from Tartan and Sequins

Julia and Allison here from Tartan & Sequins filling in for Elizabeth while she’s out doing something like trying to teach Honey Boo Boo etiquette or strutting down the Champs Elyses like a boss. Either way, she’s not here and we are. Hold onto your hats cowgirls!

Leopard and booties? Rosie, you’re our idol!


While we here at Tartan & Sequins may not really be appropriate ourselves, we do like to dress appropriately. What exactly does that mean? Hell if I know, I was just trying to be clever.

Okay but seriously, as fall is upon us and sandal weather is behind us, so it’s time to rotate in some new footwear. Flats will work for the time being but once it gets a little colder, they may need to be phased out for something a little, I don’t know, WARMER. For most of us out there, usually that would mean the old knee-high boot. But there’s a new sheriff in town this season, the ankle boot.

Super cute and impossibly chic, we are craving ankle boots in all shapes and sizes this fall. I’ve already picked myself up these fabulous glitter-backed ones from Dorothy Perkins and am wearing them to death. But like an addict, I want more!! Here are some of our favorite ankle booties out right now.

Julia’s Picks


Allison’s Picks


Happy shopping everyone!
Julia & Allison

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