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Nutella and Marscapone dessert pizza at Cane Rosso {YUM}

Pics 1&2: Normally I don’t go to fancy fashion events because I either A. don’t know about them or B. can’t find anyone to go with me. On Friday, however, my blog friend Ashley invited me to go to the Fashion Group International Night of Stars honoring Lela Rose and other Dallas designers. Now, it looks like we are famous in that first picture, but actually, we were stuck in traffic and were two hours late to the event. The red carpet was still rolled out so we just helped ourselves to some pictures. haha!

 Pic 3: We went to the best pizza place in town, Il Cane Rosso this weekend for a friend’s birthday which was delicious and so much fun. If you ever go there, make sure to get the Nutella and Marscapone dessert pizza. It’s not on the menu, but they’ll make it..and you will die!!!!!

Pic 4: So I finally had my husband take pictures of me over the weekend for an outfit post {ahhh}. It wasn’t as horrible of an experience as I thought it would be {I imagined yelling, throwing hairbrushes and/or crying due to my horrible awkwardness and embarrassment}. Hopefully I will get them up tomorrow {that’s when the real embarrassment will begin}.

How was your weekend?

xo e

16 thoughts on “Insta Weekend

  1. haha… I love your description of what you thought the picture taking experience would be. It all depends on the mood you are in. I have just started taking outfit pics, and it can be super fun. xo

    • Thanks Albertina!! I just couldn’t have asked you on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon to take photos of me! haha But I may really have to take you up on the offer.

  2. Adorable post! That dessert pizza looks amazing, and so funny about feeling awkward doing outfit photos – I SO do too! haha goes with the territory I guess :)

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