Fall Trend To Try: The Designer Sweatshirt

There are so many reasons that I am looking forward to for fall, but one of the biggest is that I am dying to start wearing fall clothes. The Dallas heat has really limited my wardrobe and I am ready to start fresh with fall! There are like 100 trends I can’t wait to discuss, but I thought I’d dive right in with one of my favorites: The Designer Sweatshirt. Why, I love this, I have no clue. I am assuming it’s because they are warm, comfortable and for this season at least, you will look super cool if you leave the house in just your sweats. Music to my ears!
Want this entire look
Loving the embellished sweatshirt
a bit too much for me, but I love the idea of wearing a graphic sweatshirt
This is my inspiration for wearing the trend!
Ugh…I think we all know she is perfection

1| M.S.G.M Metal and Lace Sweatshirt Bagheera  2| Juicy Couture Sweatshir: Net-a-Porter 3| Zoe Karssen Oh La La: Net-A-Porter 4| M.S.G.M Floral Sweatshirt: The Corner 5| MM6 Cutout Sweatshirt: Shopbop 6| Kenzo: Luisa Via Roma

Oh…and there is nothing wrong with even getting Hanes! Layer it with a fun fur vest or pair with some boyfriend jeans and you are ready to go!

images via style.com, stylespotting & atlantic pacific

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22 thoughts on “Fall Trend To Try: The Designer Sweatshirt

  1. Ok I can definitely get in to the sweatshirt trend…now that it is a cool 80 degrees here (haha) I can actually think about fall clothes because before it would make me hot just looking at them! I love these inspiration photos!

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