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I have to admit, moving blogs has been a little rough. Not actually moving I guess, but the lack of traffic to the new site that we worked so hard to build. If I wasn’t checking traffic stats or comments daily {alright..hourly minute by minute}, I probably wouldn’t care, but since moving, I’ve been a little discouraged. This isn’t to say I am not SO SO grateful for the following and blog friends I have. Oh gosh, I probably sound like an idiot. Sometimes, I just have really low blog esteem and need to stop comparing myself to other, more successful bloggers.  Anywho, enough with the negative. I decided to make a fun post..which may turn into a series.. to talk about current things that make me happy. Now remember, this is a fashion/lifestyle blog so I’m keeping it very light and materialistic. Ok so let’s begin….

1. As you may have seen on my Instagram, Twitter, Pose or blog posts, I bought an amazing M.S.G.M sweatshirt that I have just been DYING to wear. So in other words, I’m pretty excited about it. Well then I hop on Pinterest the other day and who do I see wearing it?!!? My style icon, Taylor Tomasi Hill. Amazing. And you know, we both are from Dallas? We are practically sisters.

2. I don’t know if I’ve really discussed this on The Now before, but I am a huge music fan. I know that sounds so vague because who doesn’t like music? But see, I like good music. One of my favorite bands, Muse has a new single called Madness and I am obsessed. I watched the video {with Erin Wasson..another Dallas girl who could be the long lost triplet to TTH and I} 400 times as loud as possible last night while I thought I was alone in my house. You know when you are alone in a car and you turn the music up really loud to drowned out your voice as you belt out the song? Well I was doing that so loud in my house that I didn’t hear my husband come home. He was entertained. I was not. But then I just listened to Madness 3 more times and felt whole again.

3. My book list. Now, for anyone who knows me, they know I’m not a big reader so this may seem strange. BUT my friend, Haley, recommended Loose Diamonds by Amy Ephron so I decided to give this reading thing a try again. Once I started reading it, I was hooked. It is a bunch of short stories {for anyone with readers ADD like myself, this is a bonus} about Amy’s life and what made her who she is. I particularly loved her chapter on being psychic. Although her powers seem much stronger than mine. And now I’ve decided since I am on a reading kick, I need to finish the last Hunger Games. And then maybe Carole Radziwill’s book. Hooray.

4. Don’t let my love of reading or music fool you. I am a boring old couch potato who loves junk TV as much as my friend Taylor. Like my new “About ” page states…I am a reality TV addict and Bravo is my drug of choice. Can we talk about the RHNJ pleeease?!?! Anyway, since it’s a start of a new season, tons of my favorite shows are premiering and I am just so giddy. I’m especially looking forward to the premiere of New Girl!

See, that totally got my mind off of everything else for 15 minutes. So what are you excited about??? Please remember to keep your comments shallow and materialistic.

xo e

23 thoughts on “Excited About…

  1. Don’t worry about your stat! You’re a great blogger!
    And keep on being “light ad materialistic”, I think that’s what your readers like, I mean I do :)
    Your posts make our day more lovely ♥

  2. I can’t wait to see you in that sweater! And thanks for the book reco! I needed a little break in my work morning and this was perrrfect! XOXO

  3. love this! you should totally turn this into a series! i love muse too! can’t wait to check out the new album. and the new mumford & sons!! also… i recently thought about making the switch to a .com but i chickened out. we EARNED every one of those followers right?? don’t lose hope though, i think it’ll just take a bit of time to get adjusted. i still accidentally go to your blogspot account even though i obviously know this is your new site. it looks gorgeous and super polished. you’ll be happy in the long run that you made the switch!!

  4. I can’t tell you how much my emotions are wrapped up in my blogs. My self esteem literally depends on my stats and comments. Plus, comparison is a b*tch. Keep your head up and feel free to tweet/e-mail me for moral support! haha!
    ♡ Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.

  5. Bunny, you are amazing and the site has never looked better!!!!! And yes, you and TTH are practically sisters, but can i still be your twin?? ps I am typing this one handed bc benjamin is in the other. He is proud of you too!!!!

  6. The new site looks amazing and is still so new…I am sure in a few weeks things will be back to “normal” :) ! And I am so jealous that you and TTH are twins !!


  7. Oh my goodness! Your new blog design is perfect!! I’m sorry you’re getting as much traffic, I bet that’s frustrating. :( I really enjoyed hearing about your favorite things! I’m loving Dancing with the Stars right now.
    Have a beautiful day, Elizabeth!

  8. Awe I bet that is rough! Don’t worry, your followers will all follow along with you- reading your blog is one of the best parts of my day! :)

    LOVE the sweatshirt, #obsessed with Muse, need that book stat and am dying (and crying!) over the last season of Gossip Girl! It can’t end yet!!! And I just started watching the reality shows about cheerleaders- the Dallas Cowboys and the competition squad in Jersey. My husband is going to lose his mind between that and Real Housewives oops :) sending you lots of blog love xoxo Lisa

  9. I totally get what you mean! Moving from WordPress to Blogger was definitely weird for me too, but I definitely like my blog design better now. And I’m beyond excited for New Girl! I just watched the first episode of the season- Zooey Deschanel is perfect!

  10. oh, don’t you worry girl…you have a fabulous blog…and we all love you very much :) it’s all about the compound effect…just keep putting your pennies in everyday and before you know it you will be making millions {well, lots of traffic in blog translation!} p.s. would love if this became a new series!!! p.p.s. can’t wait for new girl :) XO brynn

  11. Ummm I am dying over that MSGM sweatshirt…and we could go halfsies on that peacock coat I posted today!! Maybe sell a couple kidneys and buy it?? What’d ya think? haha Loving your new design, congrats pretty lady!!! And you should definitely make this a series!! XoXo

  12. lady friend – I am halfway through Carole’s book on tape for my 3 hours in the car each day and it is making the commute AMAZING. I just got home and didn’t get out of the car for 10 minutes after I parked. so depressing but soooooo good. Am I weird that I kinda like depressing books? get it – now. ill add yours to my list!

    And you are so damn sweet for mentioning me and linking my shabby blog :) I’m so happy to have found someone else who shares my love of all things reality and bravo!! did you see the crack-head-amazing commercial for RHO beverly hills with the “ice” theme — I DIED. and rewound. twice.

    okay sorry… I’ve had no life this week and am way too happy to be on the typing this right now!

  13. Cheer up now, bessie! Those followers will figure it out in no time. And I am totally Team Book Reader so lmk if you need some picks for the upcoming trip. I have one in mind that might or might not relate to some of your fashion faves….

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