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1. As I’ve mentioned before on my “Excited About” posts, I’m attending a blogger holiday event in Highland Park Village on Thursday. I partnered up with one of the stores, Anne Fontaine, and had a little photo sesh around the center. Well, I will be featured on Highland Park Village’s facebook today wearing my picks from Anne Fontaine. No need to even see the pics alright? I can tell you I am 100% model material. No, I’m beyond that. I’m starting a modeling school. Watch out Cynthia Bailey. Signup starts now… Actually to tell you the truth, I’m pretty nervy about the pics. Bradley, Kristi, Krystal, Kyle and Merritt have all been featured so far and have looked insanely gorge! Oh well. Humility builds character right?

2. I received some of the most beautiful jewelry from Julie Collection {by Julie Vos}  the other day and I just had to show you. I usually buy my jewelry at Forever 21 or Asos so I am so happy to have new pieces in my “nice jewelry” collection. I have worn the camel bracelet non stop since I got it and think my mom needs one for Christmas..before she steals mine! And how pretty are the stones in the ring and cuff? Ugh I am just so excited.

3. This Saturday just so happens to be the greatest day in the world. It’s my birthday. Yahoo!!!!

4. Mark your calendars because HBO is going to rock your face off with the documentary, In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye. I watched the preview and was dying. DYING. I read Vogue religiously from the age of like 9 and have always dreamed of being a stylist so I am super excited to get a sneak peek at that crazy world and what the editors are really like. It premieres on December 6th.

Now you know the drill, what are you excited about???

xo e

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  1. Hiiiiiii oh my goodness we had major company for thanksgiving so I am just now catching up on you! Hope you had a great holiday! Ummmmm you look beautiful in the facebook pic- LOVE! And I may explode on Dec 6th between the Vogue show and the VS Fashion Show :)

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