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Like I said last week, I cannot believe that it is already November. There is so much to be excited about this month. We have a big holiday around the corner and are getting closer and closer to someone’s birthday. But, I’ll save that for later. Anyway, this week I’m really excited about…

1. My best friends are having engagement parties this weekend and I am counting down the minutes until we celebrate!!!

2. The Highland Park Village Blogger Event. Now I realize that if you haven’t been to Dallas, you may not understand how amazing Highland Park Village, but it is like the Rodeo Drive of Dallas or maybe Rodeo Drive is the Highland Park Village of LA. Hmmm. Anyway, it’s where all the most incredible stores like Lela Rose, Stella McCartney, Anne Fontaine, DVF, Hermes, Escada and more are. So, they are having a big blogger holiday party and somehow I was invited. This week the five other Dallas bloggers on the invitation {Kyle, Bradley, Krystal, Merritt and Kristie… who are all 1 bajillion times cooler than I am} and myself got to go play dress up in the stores of HPV and have our pictures taken {more on my store, Anne Fontaine later}. What is happening?

3. Speaking of Highland Park Village, my parents take me there every year for my birthday to buy a few things. We went a tad early this year {my bday is in three weeks}, but I had a blast shopping at Five and Ten. I ended up taking home two of the most darling dresses. The orange one seen above has been on my wishlist for about 100 years so I am pretty freaking pumped.

You can find similar versions of my Kenzo dress here and here. Striped peplum top: J. Crew

4. It’s premiere week on Bravo!! Yahoo!! Have any of y’all been watching the new shows? I watched Start-Ups Silicon Valley and surprisingly liked it. The British brother and sister crack me up. I cannot wait for Top Chef Seattle And what about Housewives?? I watched Atlanta and Beverly Hills, but sorry Atlanta, BH is my all time favorite. I love that Brandi is a bigger part of the show now. And WHAT did you think of Yolanda!??! Lisa’s new house?? It looks like there is a TON of fighting going on this season which actually makes me so happy. Hopefully Taylor will have some interesting discussions about the shows too.

Well, that’s it for this week. What are you excited about???? Spill it!

xo e

28 thoughts on “Excited About

  1. I got an early screener of Silicon Valley Start-Ups and I was surprisingly OK with it…it will definitely be in the Sunday morning Bravo re-run rotation for me! It looks like you have an exciting few months coming up! :)

    The Glossy Life

  2. WOOHOO for the engagement party!! I can’t wait to celebrate Liz & Nick! AND you are a total celebrity now! That is so cool that you’re an HPV blogger…I may need your autograph this weekend!
    Can’t wait to see you (will you be rocking your fabulous new dress?!)!

  3. Ok, I don’t even know where to start with all the BRAVO shows! I watched Start Up Silicon Valley, and both Real House Wives. BH just kills it. Becoming my favorite. Lisa’s new closet, um hi, DREAM COME TRUE! Not sure what I think about Yolanda yet… and I really hope Taylor’s story line gets juicier. I’ll give Start Up SV a couple more episodes. Kinda nerdy, but I grew up here so I’m intrigued.

  4. So excited for you — you totally deserve to be up the with those other fashionable ladies!

    I liked Start Up, too. And BH did not disappoint, either! I want to be besties with Kyle. Hello, dah-ling!

  5. Highland Park Village is the best!!! I think I like it even more than Rodeo Drive! If I was in Dallas I would be there in a heartbeat and you fit right in with all those other fab bloggers! And I am so excited that Housewives of BH is back and crazier than ever!!


  6. Too funny – my birthday is in three weeks (I guess closer to two now…) and my parents always take me shopping to get a few presents. I love that peplum stripe top from J. Crew – that might have to be one of the things I pick up this year!

    You will definitely hold your own with those other girls in Highland Village. You’ll have to let us know what you wear!

  7. The blogger event sounds like a blast…of course you deserve to be there :) I am obsessed with Bravo as always, BH is definitely become a favorite Atlanta was a little boring but who am I kidding I watch them all and I did like start up Silicon too…don’t think I will be watching LOLwork I draw the line somewhere.

  8. Cute post! We were on the same wave-length today, love when that happens. Also, that blogging event looks so fabulous – can’t wait to hear about it!


  9. My goodness, you do have a lot to be excited about!! The Highland Park Village invitation sounds like such an honor. Congratulations! And don’t think less of yourself… you belong right up there next to all those other fab bloggers!

    I’m waiting anxiously for next Friday when David and I will fly home to Nashville for Thanksgiving. It’s going to be great!!

  10. aw thanks for the shout out lady!!!!! look at you and how famous you are with a holiday blogger event! so fun! we started playing christmas music this morning…. don’t judge. i surprisingly liked the silicon valley show too?!? i think it may just be the british accents but whatever. that one girl, who said it takes her 2 hours to get ready for work and 4 if she is going somewhere…. i want to punch her in the face. she’s a pain the ass. but i guess thats what I love about everyone on bravo – they are all a pain in the ass :)


  11. Ok so much to chat about after reading this post! First of all, CONGRATS on the blogger event! that is amayyyy! And you so belong with all of those other fabulous ladies!! So happy for you! can’t wait to read about it and wish I could go (dang DC!). I heart Highland Park village! I lived in Dallas for a whopping 18 months and was obsessed with that place. I’m LOVING the new RHOBH season! I like Yolanda fo sho! Except she is a little bit of a cray stage mom to her daughter modeling. I surprisingly am missing Camille and of course Kyle is my all time fave- LOVE HER! Kim still seems like she’s on something and I heart Lisa too. anxious to see how the Adrienne divorce unfolds :( xooxoxoxoxoxoxo mwah mwah!

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  13. I love me some Housewives. New York was my favorite until Beverly Hills came into the picture. I’m liking Yolanda so far. She seems a little uptight but I really like her sophistication. I love that I get to watch three housewives casts in one week!

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