Colla at Your Girl

Anne Fontaine is typically known for their white oxfords, but having spent some time in the store recently, I discovered that there is much more than just their iconic white button ups to lust after. Take for instance, this studded collar. I mean…isn’t it so cute?? I feel like it could be worn with just about anything. I paired it with my new favorite dress {green side up}.

Time to dance now that my 1st outfit post is out of the way!

Collar: c/o Anne Fontaine Dress: Kenzo available at Five and Ten {and for the hundredth time, it’s reversible} Bag: Marni Shoes: BCBG Girls {similar here and here  Bracelets {old}: Madewell {similar here} and Urban Outfitters

xo e

P.S. How was my first outfit post? I’m not going to lie, I feel pretty nauseous. Any mean comments and I go straight for my Blue Bell “Gingerbread House” ice cream. Remember that.

P.S.S. Can you believe I’m wearing a sleeveless dress in November?!?! Dallas, it’s time to get cold already. Sheesh!

30 thoughts on “Colla at Your Girl

  1. I don’t know why you were so nervous…I love this outfit post!! A. you look beautimous B. there was no throwing hairbrushes/etc and C. when is the next one?? Love love love it. Oh and the last pic is my favorite!

  2. You would NEVER know it was your first outfit post….Well done! What made you decide to go for it? I’m with you and feel like they’re SO awkward so I have yet to try one… I applaud you! xo


    P.S. I’m so jealous you can still wear dresses outside!

  3. Collaaaaa!!!!! Bunny / Aunt Bunny.. we LOVE your outfit post! You look amazing and I’m especially loving those moves in the last pic! The collar is amazing – Anne Fontaine for life!

  4. This post is so darn cute! That necklace and dress combination is amazing – plus it looks perfectly comfy for fall. I love your first outfit post victory dance too :)


  5. Yay, congrats!!! So excited for this new venture on your blog and so glad you’re first one went well. I’m such a fan of drop waist dresses, and this one looks great on you!

  6. OK you are amazingggg. i am loving the outfit posts – we need more STAT. Love the collar- amay. And love the green side :) so excited for more of these! xo

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