Tuesday Shoesday: Valentino’s Monochromatic Rockstud

valentino rockstud

Black // Red

When it comes to “It” shoes or bags, designers will try and make color or hardware variations each season to keep your interest peaked and Valentino really did it this time with their monochromatic Rockstuds. Those sneaks. I  didn’t think the Rockstud could get any better than the PVC strap versions last season until I saw Satine’s Instagram picture of the glorious white on white pair. Now, I can’t stop thinking about snatching up a pair of these singular colored beauties. I know they aren’t cheap, but I just tell myself they are investments and that helps me {not my husband} sleep better at night.

Are you as in love with the monochromatic versions as I am? What’s your favorite “it” aka “investment” shoe?

xoxo E

* I have searched and searched for the white on white, but you can always contact Satine for info!


Shoesday Yay or Nay: Balenciaga Cut Out Boots

balenciagajeanshortsOh how I love these Balenciaga boots! They’re one part punk, one part grunge and make a serious statement.  I think my rebellious side loves them because they are reminiscent of Dr. Martens which I was not allowed to wear in the 90’s. My mom said they were “gang shoes” ….yeah she actually said that. Anyway, I love the idea of pairing it with a feminine skirt, dainty dress or even with jean shorts like in the picture above.

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