TUESDAY SHOESDAY || Del Toro Emoji Slippers

The Now Stylebook Del Toro EMOJI

Hello, I’m Elizabeth and I may be turning 33 next week, but I’m an emojiholic. It’s pretty much my favorite way to communicate. I mean, pictures are so much better than words..that’s why I don’t read books, just magazines {See, I would place a little winky face here if we were texting to indicate sarcasm}. Even luxury shoe line, Del Toro has jumped on the emoticon craze by teaming up with designers to create emoticon embroidered slippers. Um…amazing. I was an idiot and missed my chance to buy the Edie Parker x Del Toro, “Dancing Queen” ones, but luckily there are new styles available on Moda Operandi and Shopbop now. Yahoo!! And in time for the holidays! Hoorah!

So, would you sport your love for emojis on your feet??

xo E

TUESDAY SHOESDAY || The Shoe Trend I Can’t Get Down With

Tuesday Shoesday Socks and Sandals

The dressy sandals with socks trend…actually socks with any heel makes me want to die. There, it’s been said. I have tried to keep quiet on this trend hoping that it would just go away permanently and then be deleted from everyone’s memory, but the trend is like a cockroach…it NEVER DIES. It just pops up when you least expect it and like any cockroach, it makes my skin crawl.  Yesterday while I was shoe “browsing”, I saw a pair of Chanel pumps with built in socks. WHAAAAAAAAAAT?! Now, I am not going to tell you what not to wear because that’s rude. You’re free to dress however you want and don’t need an ass hole like me telling you it’s not ok, but I’m just going to throw it out there.. unless you’re Cher Horowitz, this look hurts my soul. So, I would like to know…are you down with this look? It’s ok if you are, I won’t make fun of you, some of my style icons like Alexa Chung & Natalie Joos have sported socks with heels, I just want to know if I’m the crazy one!

xo e

image via who what wear