NOW TRENDING || Layering Turtlenecks

The Now Now Loving Layering Turtlenecks Joos

I know this is a bold statement, but I think my love for the turtleneck might be equal to my love of sweatshirts this season. I haven’t ever been a turtleneck wearer, but after seeing how people layer them under everything from button downs to cocktail dresses to short sleeve coats like Natalie Joos {above}, I’ve become a fan!  Here are my favorite ways to sport the layered turtleneck look..  Continue reading

NOW LOVING|| Pink for Fall

now wanting pink 4now wanting pink 5

I know I’ve mentioned my infatuation for all things pink on a lust list recently, but I feel like I haven’t given the color proper attention yet. I know pink is usually thought of as a spring-ish color, but I love seeing it in wooly, fuzzy textures for fall. Collections from Carven to Celine to Prada to Phillip Lim had shades of pink in them, most notably in overcoat form, but also in skirts and dresses. The ladylike hue was also seen outside the shows on the likes of Jessica Alba {how amazing is that blush Ralph Lauren skirt} to Yasmin Sewell in a powder pink sweater.

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