NOW WANTING || English Roll Arm Sofa

english Roll ArmEnglish Roll Arm 2 English Roll Arm 3While stalking Pinterest over the weekend, I came across an insanely gorgeous  Georges Sherlock English roll arm sofa and instantly fell in love. What’s funny is that I have seen this sofa countless times, but for some reason, this particular one really peaked my interest.  After Googling, I found that there is no way I could afford a Georges Sherlock, but found a few more reasonable options. See my favorites after the jump. Continue reading

NOW DECORATING || Dining Room Inspiration & Updates



Oh Monday, why do you have to come so often? Well, I hope you all had a great weekend. We went and saw Her {has anyone seen it? Thoughts? I was uncomfortable} on Saturday, caught up with friends, shopped around for our house and brainstormed on our dining room. The images above are similar to my vision as they juxtapose modern and traditional, old and new brilliantly {the last one is technically an office, but still inspiring}. I’m hoping to incorporate a little from each of the above into our home.  Read about and see dining room updates after the jump  Continue reading