NOW LOVING || Payton Cosell Turner

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I was looking at art for baby Midgett’s nursery the other day and stumbled upon these incredible bespoke sticker art works and wallpapers by Payton Cosell Turner. From a distance, the paper seems to look like modern, cheerful damask/rorschach prints, but at a closer range, you can see the designs are actually made with thousands of bear, toucan, banana split, daisy, corny dog and other quirky stickers. Stickers! I mean, she sits there and puts each one on by hand! I would die to cover the nursery in her wallpaper, but at $1500 per roll, I’d have to sell the baby to pay for it. I could maybe…maybe afford one of her framed pieces, but I am really wanting to try a DIY version. I guess I should really get on that as I feel my time our about to be sucked away for 18+ years! God help us.

xo E

images via Elle Decor, Transito Inicial, Paddle 8

NOW STALKING || Maaike Goldbach’s @fleursdamelie

Fleursdamelie VignetteI have been finding a few new Instagram accounts to follow as of late and one of the most inspiring is Maaike Goldbach’s @fleursdamelie. This super talented Instagrammer’s primary focus is on her gorgeous and serene home in the Netherlands. I was drawn to the unique, non fussy styling as well as her color palette of mint, pinks, whites and other neutrals. Read More to see additional dreamy pictures…


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NOW DECORATING || Dining Room Reveal

The Now Stylebook Dining Room Moulding BeforeIt’s been quite some time since I did a dining room update and I am happy to say that after five years of procrastinating, unsuccessfully working with decorators, scouring the internet, local shops and looting my parent’s home, the room is complete {well we need a few pieces of art and curtains but 95% complete}!!! The last time I posted, we were in the middle of adding moulding to the walls of the dining room and connecting living room. Since then we have had it painted, hung the mirror and started working on the aforementioned living room. Oy!   Read more to see the finished look!  Continue reading