Paris Street Style

 I have really really been slacking on Street Style this fashion month, but don’t fret my pets, I am posting the best of the best from Paris. Well, these are mostly amazing snaps..there are only a few questionable looks. I think my captions say it all!

My fearless TTH in Commes des Garcons


Peony Lim just chilling

Anne Catherine Frey {more on her soon}

ADR with Ulyana Sergeenko

a full shot just had to be included

Eaaheeasy there lady! We all love Kenzo, but there is no need for this situation!

Rodge’s Hair! Rodge’s Hairrrrrrrrrr

Surprise!! Pickles and his gf hit Paris for the shows. haha

images via flare, fabsugar, vogue, streetsfn

xo e

18 thoughts on “Paris Street Style

  1. oh my! I’ve never been to Paris, but it’s on the top of my list for places to go {and soon!}. I love the diversity of these looks – they are all so chic and unique. Thanks for sharing these!

    Maya {charminglystyled}

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