Campbell’s Nursery

Nurery 1

I had been dreaming of Campbell’s nursery long before I even knew I was pregnant, but when it finally came to decorating it, I was pretty overwhelmed. We had to completely makeover our guest room and my pregnancy exhaustion made it a little hard to get motivated. However, once my nesting urges kicked in, I became a tornado! It also helped that I could buy the majority of the furniture and accessories online. Seriously, the internet has become my best friend! We’re inseparable.


I didn’t want the room to be too theme-y, but since I am obsessed with animals, I had to include a few hundred which I knew would be perfect for a boy or girl! Since we didn’t find out the sex,  I chose a simple, gender neutral color palette of white, grey, gold and silver {this also helped since I already had the metallic rug and grey womb chair}. Now, I’m not going to lie to you, having a pretty nursery hasn’t made those sleepless nights any easier, but the daybed {not pictured}, an organized diaper changing station, a television {don’t judge} and a sweet snuggly baby have been keys to my survival!


Shelves : Ikea

Light : Park Studio

Crib : Jenny Lind

Bassinet & Bedding : Pottery Barn

Dresser : West Elm

London/ LA Prints : Rifle Paper

Armadillo/Narwhal Heads : Nothing But a Pigeon

Rug : Calypso {old} Similar

Sheepskin Rug : Amazon


xo E

photos by Taylor Green Photography



I’m breaking my silence to talk about these glorious behind the scenes photos from J. Crew’s fall 2015 presentation. I’m loving all the pink I’ve been seeing at fashion week particularly mixed with citron and cobalt blue as seen in some of these looks. The styling at J. Crew is always so cool and I only wish I could put myself together like Jenna Lyons. Damnit, Jenna, why are you so flawless?! Maybe when I get out of my “I have a newborn so I only wear sweatpants” phase, I’ll try to step up my styling game! Read more to see the killer styling in action.  Continue reading

Our New Arrival


Shortly before Christmas {Christmas Eve Eve to be exact}, Matt and I welcomed our son, Campbell James Midgett into the world. I can’t wait to share the story of his birth and how incredible every moment since then has been  {although, I’m so clueless on what I’m doing}, but at this point, I can barely string sentences together. It’s so funny, I thought people were being dramatic when they said they didn’t have time to do anything once their baby arrived, but now I realize how true it is. Feeding, changing, bathing, cuddling with, staring at Campbell are my top priorities and then everything else comes after that. Needless to say, I’m lucky if I sleep/brush my teeth/shower and have barely left the house {which is good because who wants to be around a smelly grease ball?}. But no matter how dirty/gross I may get, how delirious I may be or how many breakdowns I may have {yup, it can be pretty challenging}, it has totally been worth it! Anywho, I just wanted to do a quick post about our sweet son and will be back at some point with the birth story, nursery pics and eventually fashion/interior related posts once again.  I hope you all had a great holiday!

xoxo E

Oh PS if you have any questions about giving birth or newborns, feel free to email me and I can address them in my next post! Not that I’m some expert, but I bombard my mom friends with questions all day long, so if I can help anyone, I’d be happy to!