NOW DECORATING || 5 Affordable Art Sources

the now affordable art

1. “Solid Kiss” by Oliver Gal One Kings Lane  
2. “Black Cherries” by Georgiana Paraschiv Society 6  
3. “Nathalie” by Gia Coppola Tappan Collective 
4. “Beverly II Print” by The Aestate 
5. “Well Read” by Leigh Viner Etsy

Now that I am on a decorating binge, I need some art. Actually, “need” is an understatement. I’ve talked about my phobia of hanging art before, but if you haven’t heard, I am so weird about committing,  that I just don’t buy anything and our walls embarrassingly barren. But no more! It’s time to buy, buy, buy! Filling up our walls won’t be cheap, however, I’ve bookmarked tons of fabulous and reasonable artists and  sources so we won’t break the bank on cool, original art.

Here are a few more on my radar:

Gaby Burger {also on much talent}
Gray Malin
Max Wanger Print Shop
20 x 200
Joel Penkman
3 Fish Studios

What are your favorite sources for art?

xoxo e


NOW LOVING || Madewell Spring Looks

Now loving madewell boyshortsNow Loving Madewell Boxy T Now Loving Madewell Dress Now Loving Madewell Eyelet Now Loving Madewell Striped

For some reason, I have been obsessed with refreshing my wardrobe for the warmer weather and Madewell will definitely be one of my go to places. Especially after seeing it’s latest looks. Madewell teamed up with Liu Wen for it’s Looks We Love campaign and I am smitten with just about every piece…and miss Liu {she’s so cute}. The looks have Madewell’s signature tomboy chic style and just seem so effortlessly cool. I mean, I could throw on this lattice work shirt with a pair of slouchy jeans and bam…I’m as cool as Liu. I mean, probably not, but you know what I mean. I’m glad to know that even though I’ll be wishing I lived in Iceland come July {aka my hell}, I’ll have some easy to wear pieces to keep me cool!

xoxo e


NOW LOVING || Citrus Fever

The Now Stylebook CitrusCitrus Plant Photo || Diptyque Candle || Loeffler Randall Shoes {in a clutch too}

William Sonoma Platter || Design Imports Napkins  || Rifle Paper Print || Mother of Pearl Dress

The other day, I came across this photograph on Pinterest and I fell in love with it. I mean, if I could find a similar fabric or wallpaper, I’d probably cover my house in it…or better yet, maybe I’ll plant my own orange trees in our backyard! Since neither are likely to happen, I’ve found a few other fabulous, fresh, fruity items to tide me over until I give my home an orange makeover. I am particularly obsessed with the prints in Loeffler Randall’s spring line and am just smitten with Mother of Pearl’s entire collection which has a great deal of lemon, lime and orange slice prints in it this season!  Wouldn’t they be so fun to wear this summer?

xoxo e